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Here is a giveaway  worth Stylelusting  over- head over to Lush  Kingdom and download - An August Wedding Design Assets – by print designer James Hackett and it's not just for August or for summer either!

Once downloaded you can use it  in your own  designs even those you plan to sell...  or better yet contact  James directly to commission something just for you!  
  @BKFashionweek's,  Bonnie Sandy  Downloaded the assets sand pulled together a fall print repeat - of course for Fabric! Note these could just as easily be a stationary theme!

In the Package  are vectors as well as png's 

6 Croton Leaf Assets
3 Doily Vectors colourways
4 Hibiscus vector colourways PLUS ( There are *.png images of assets)
©2016 August Wedding, designed by James Hackett.

The Beauty of this, you are allowed to use these files for every kind of publication (electronic/print), it doesn't matter if it's commercial or not! simply click "view original link" below, to claim this free offer!

HOW TO USETo play with these you'll need a digital program... such as adobe... or for free versions window- or sketchbook which is a mobile app or available with downloads...

To get the print onto fabric you can take it to a local printing shop
Use a "print on demand" service - such as Spoonflower for fabric or paper or CafePress etc for product

If you choose to DIY, you can print your image onto transfer paper or directly onto fabric... check out these guide

If you're doing small projects that do not require washing you can make you own solution and printable fabric paper

Use freezer paper

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